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  • Low-price hotel chain created in France in 1990.
  • 110 hotels in France and 8 in Germany.
  • B&B focuses on the high-end range of the low-cost hotel market with an innovative concept, offering good quality at a competitive price in order to meet the needs of business as well as touristic travelers.



In 2003, 12 years after founding the low-priced hotel chain B&B, François Brannelec wished to sell his company to partners who would pursue the initiated European development plan, while maintaining the chain’s Britton identity.

At that time, B&B owned 110 hotels in France and 8 in Germany, with still a large potential for growth both in France and abroad.

In partnership with Duke Street Capital we completed the acquisition of the chain and also brought in Georges Sampeur, a tourism professional of international calibre, while relying on the existing management.

During our investment period, the management implemented an ambitious project of further expansion of the network of hotels in France and Germany by building new hotels, as well as completing additional acquisitions, before the group entered a new phase in its development with a secondary LBO in 2005.


  • July 2005 – Duke Street Capital and Parquest Capital sell B&B group to investment fund Eurazeo.
  • November 2004 - B&B, the low-priced hotel chain, raises €223M to achieve its development plan.
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"Parquest Capital’s attitude and partnership style are perfectly in line with their philosophy of « involved partner » and a relationship not focused on the short-term but «built to last»."

Georges Sampeur, CEO of B&B

Investment date November 2003
Divestment date July 2005
Sector Hotel chain
Deal type BIMBO
Headquarters Brest
Turnover (€M) 75
Headcount 400
CEO Georges Sampeur