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Founded in 1983 in Châlons-en-Champagne (France), JVS operates as a management software editor for town halls and local public authorities. JVS software suites/ packages are designed to address the respective needs of internal administrative functions as well as citizen relationship management (CRM).

JVS software suites/ packages address the following requirements :

Internal administrative functions

  • Organization and teamwork: elected officials’ dashboard, electronic signature,
  • Finance: accounting, budgeting, dematerialization of accounting documents,
  • HR: payroll, dematerialization of pay slips,
  • IT safety: antivirus, backups,
  • Water management & sanitation: service management, invoicing of services.

Citizen relationship management (CRM)

  • Local citizens’ relationship management: census, electoral rolls registration, request management,
  • Public services: website, SMS alert, online payment, road issues reporting,
  • Childhood and families: invoicing of academic and extra-curricular services.

JVS is a leader of the small-to-medium-sized municipalities segment (its core target, with about 14,000 users of its solutions). The company enjoys an excellent reputation, as a player offering an ergonomic and flexible software and providing good level of service quality and support.


Parquest’s decision to invest in JVS is based on the following considerations :

  • A resilient and “slowly but surely” growing market driven by digitization of public bodies, dematerialization of citizen relationship and the need for municipalities to comply with ever evolving regulations,
  • A robust positioning on a market with few competitors and protected by high barriers to entry,
  • A highly motivated management team substantially (re)investing into this new OBO (as a majority shareholder), seasoned and remarkably stable (in place for 20+ years),
  • An untapped potential for consolidation (existence of numerous targets, esp. on select market sub-segments) offering an opportunity to accelerate the company’s build-up strategy.

This new OBO is in keeping with JVS’ shareholding history, as a group where the management team has been holding a majority stake since 2008. Through this operation, Parquest Capital thus becomes a minority shareholder (alongside Bpifrance), aiming at helping the management team (i) implement its development strategy – leveraging both organic and external growth – and (ii) enrich the group’s portfolio of offering.


  • May 2021 - Build-up: JVS acquires Modularis (French verson)
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  • April 2020 - Parquest Capital invests in JVS
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Investment date April 2020
Divestment date -
Sector BtoB services (management software for local public authorities)
Deal type MBO
Headquarters Châlons-en-Champagne (Grand-Est region)
Turnover (€M) 30