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parquest capital in france

Parquest Capital is an independent investment firm 100% owned by its investment team since April 2014 and approved by the AMF (French Financial Market Authority). Formerly known as ING Parcom Private Equity, Parquest Capital was created in 2002, acting as NN Group’s, former ING Insurance, French franchise dedicated to private equity investments on the French market.

In 2014, NN Group reaffirmed its support to Parquest Capital and was joined by ten top investors led by LGT Capital Partners, Idinvest and Five Arrows when they raised Parquest Capital I FPCI, a €300M fund now fully invested.

At the beginning of 2017, Parquest Capital successfully raised Parquest Capital II FPCI, a €310M fund from more than 20 LP’s of diverse funding profile, mainly international. Parquest Capital II FPCI was once again able to count on the financial support of all existing investors in Parquest Capital I FPCI, alongside fifteen new renowned investors.

Since inception, Parquest Capital has invested in 23 operations and supported its investee companies and management teams in more than 40 add-on operations, including 16 abroad.