parquest capital


the company

  • Founded in 1971, Sogec Marketing is the French leader for the management of promotion tools on behalf of consumer brands and HMSM chains.
  • Its activities include the clearing of rebate coupons and the management of money refund offers as well as the management of marketing databases.

the project

Structuring and growth acceleration

In 2005, Louis Wintenberger, Sogec's founder and CEO, decided to sell the group and withdraw from operations. At that time, Parquest Capital teamed up with Thomas Wolf, then CEO of Catalina Marketing France, company specialized in the issue of targeted rebate coupons through in-store printers, and convinced Sogec's CEO of their ability to take on the group's future challenges. Led by Parquest Capital, the LBO was completed with Thomas Wolf as new CEO and associated other key managers in the operation setup.


For 5 years, under such a fresh boost, the group has considerably strenghtened and modernized in technological aspects and processes as well as in marketing and commercial strategies. The company has developed new profitable activities and invested in digital technologies with the creation of e-couponing solutions.

In 2010, Mediapost group, specialized in relationship marketing, leader of targeted printed advertisements in mailboxes and member of La Poste group, acquired Sogec. Through the pooling and sharing of their know-how, this new partnership should lead to a comprehensive range of promotional offers enabling advertisers to target consumers all the way from their home to the point of sale.


"From the first steps we took together on the project, Parquest Capital and ourselves founded a relationship based on trust: our relationship has always been well-balanced; between, on the one hand the provision of expertise and strategic judgements, and on the other hand, respect, listening, and an autonomous management."

"Our partnership is driven by a dynamic in which both sides fully share their added value. Our objective is to successfully accomplish the project undertaken within an atmosphere of transparency, of conviviality and of sharing, which gives our adventure a human dimension, altogether appreciated.”
Thomas Wolf, CEO of Sogec Marketing."

Investment date October 2005
Divestment date December 2010
Sector Couponing, promotion tools management
Deal type BIMBO
Headquarters Villebon (91)
Turnover (€M) 35
Headcount 540
CEO Thomas Wolf