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  • At the time of the investment in 2004, Doucet group, created in 1999, was a specialist of the manufacturing and distribution of cleaning and maintenance products.
  • Household products were then mainly distributed through DIY channels whereas professional products were marketed directly to communities and SME’s.
  • From the beginning, the group’s objective has been to expand through external growth.


Development through external growth in niche markets

During the four years which followed the first funding round, Doucet's founders constituted a platform in the fields of niche household products sold in DIY stores (Starwax, Kapo and Kiraviv brands) and professional products sold to SME's and communities (Purodor and Marosam brands).

In 2004, the original investors wishing a return on their investment, we partnered with the management team over a long term horizon in order to develop the group's strategy in France and Europe, in a growing but still fragmented market offering large growth opportunities.

In this context, we jointly studied around 30 external growth opportunities in France and in Europe and acquired 3 French companies. The acquisition of Primalab (professional maintenance and treatment products) and Sinto (wood refurbishing products) in 2005 increased the group's turnover by 40%. Besides, the group strenghtened its innovative strategy in the green plant chemistry market, especially in the professional segment (launch of Atout Vert brand and acquisition of Salveco Laboratory), thus developing a strong know-how as well as a product range positioned above the Echolabel schemes requirements.

After 6 years focusing on Doucet group's development as a whole and in order to take into account the growing differencies in strategic drivers between the BtoC and BtoB activities, we decided alongside the management to sell the BtoC activity and keep the professional one in portfolio.

The BtoC activity, renamed Brunel group, was sold in 2010 to Azulis Capital and Gimv through an MBO operation involving Jean-Pierre Dano and his management team. With the support of its new shareholders, the team was to pursue Brunel group's development by extending the product range and deploying new distribution channels in France and Europe.

On the BtoB side, we sold the major part of the professional activities to the founders and at the same time created a dedicated green plant chemistry activity (Doucet/ Salveco Laboratory) for which we raised capital from venture funds in order to finance the launching of the brand YOU, a 100% natural cleaning product range.


  • April 2013 – Implementation of a partnership to distribute the brand YOU with Mapa/Spontex, with an exclusivity clause in specific territories.
  • December 2012 – New fundraising (€1M) to accelerate the deployment of YOU brand in food supermarkets. Contribution of FSI REGIONS MEZZANINE.
  • January 2012 – A new development phase for Doucet and Salveco with a capital increase of €1.7M – Launch of the brand YOU.
  • December 2010 – Doucet divests its B to C activity.
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  • May 2007 – Build-up – Doucet group acquires Salveco.
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  • April 2005 - Build-up – Doucet group acquires Sinto.
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  • March 2005 - Build-up - Doucet group acquires Primalab.
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"For our second MBO, we were looking for a medium-to-long term partner who would share our commitment to the second stage of development of our project."

"Parquest Capital seemed to be the ideal partner because they were able to act in the long term, which distinguished them from all the other major private equity firms. Their roots as an investment firm and their financial autonomy allow them not to have a pre-establish exit plan and to be able to forge a veritable entrepreneurial culture.

"Finally, the European presence of Parquest Capital allows them to accompany us outside the French hexagon. We felt connected to their French-Dutch culture, naturally open towards the rest of Europe, better than with other private equity funds rooted in a very Anglo-Saxon culture."
Bernard Guez, CEO of Doucet

Investment date July 2004
Divestment date BtoC in 2010, BtoB in 2014
Sector Cleaning products
Deal type MBO
Headquarters Paris
Turnover (€M) 80
Headcount 480
CEO Bernard Guez