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  • Founded in 1925, Jeulin is a publisher of educational material.
  • Jeulin is the leading French manufacturer and supplier of scientific equipment (physics, chemistry, natural sciences and technology) in middle and high schools.


Restructuring and boosting the development

In 2001, Dynaction, Jeulin’s original owner, decided to refocus on its core markets. Parquest Capital was the motor behind the association of Jeulin’s management and two renowned managers from the publishing industry: Christophe Binnendyk, who became the CEO, and Christian Brégou, who became the president of the supervisory board.

The company went through an in-depth structuring and professionnalization process under this new organization, including a complete redesign of the editorial process, a redefinition of the commercial organisation, a repositioning of the international strategy, the implementation of a quality financial organisation and the optimisation of the logistics operations. This strategy contributed to improve the company's profitability and to strenghten its position as domestic market leader.

In 2005, after a successful implementation of its plan, the management team wished to pursue the development independently within a new LBO operation.


"What caught our eye immediately with Parquest Capital was their open-mindness and business vision: they know how to give time to development, and as a corollary, they voluntarily limit the number of their investments."

"Parquest Capital successfully managed to establish a balanced relationship by allowing us a great deal of autonomy in our decisions, all the while being supportive, available and responsive."
Christophe Binnendyk, CEO".

Investment date January 2002
Divestment date February 2005
Sector Educational material
Deal type BIMBO
Headquarters Evreux (27)
Turnover (€M) 45
Headcount 220
CEO Christophe Binnendyk