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  • Eres is the leading French independent player in employee savings plans (PEE, PEI, PERCO and PERCOI) and pension plans (PERP, corporate PERP, article 83 ...).
  • Eres distributes its products directly and through a network of 1,700 partners (IFAs, insurance brokers, accountants).
  • As of June 2016, Eres had €1.5bn assets under management for more than 120,000 beneficiary employees.


In July 2016, Parquest Capital acquired a minority stake in the Eres group alongside its four founding partners (Jérôme Dedeyan, Nicolas Vachon, Hervé Righenzi de Villers and Olivier de Fontenay) who still hold a majority stake.

Created in 2005 by its four founding partners, Eres has since experienced a strong and uninterrupted growth dynamic, fueled by a disruptive offer based on a value-added open architecture and the recognized expertise of Eres’ teams.

The transaction represents a new milestone in the development of Eres, which aims at continuing its strong growth momentum, by consolidating its positions in employee savings and accelerating the diversification in the pension insurance business.


  • September 2016 - Parquest Capital invests in Eres
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Investment date July 2016
Divestment date -
Sector Management of employee savings
Deal type Capital development
Headquarters Paris
Turnover (€M) 30
Headcount 30 employees
CEO Jérôme Dedeyan, Nicolas Vachon, Hervé Righenzi de Villers, Olivier de Fontenay