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the company

  • One of France’s leading loss-adjusters and claims management service providers, serving insurance companies, brokers and corporates.
  • Extensive coverage of French territory, with a network of 98 offices and 1,100 employees, including 550 loss-adjustment experts.
  • In 2013, Polyexpert posted revenues of €120 million.


Founded in 1997 by the association of independent regional loss-adjusters, Polyexpert has initiated a progressive process of operational and functional integration over the 2000’s.

In June 2014, Polyexpert, backed by Parquest Capital, has performed a complex shareholding reshuffle, allowing the mother company of the Group to take full control of 8 out of 9 of its regional subsidiaries, and ensuring the shareholding transmission to a new generation of loss-adjustment experts. On that occasion, Parquest Capital has become the largest shareholder of Polyexpert, by acquiring a minority stake, alongside 125 loss-adjustment experts.

The operation marks a new stage in the process of the Group integration. It will strengthen the ability of Polyexpert to address the challenges ahead and foster its development, thanks to a simplified governance and an increased investment capacity.

Going forward, Emmanuel Géli, together with a renewed and highly skilled management team, intends to further consolidate the Group leadership on its markets by implementing a twofold strategy:

  • Keep strengthening and improving technical and operational service quality,
  • Pursue and accelerate the enrichment of service offer with further diversification on niche risks loss-adjustment expertise and additional claims management services.


  • June 2014 - Parquest Capital invests in POLYEXPERT
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Investment date June 2014
Divestment date 2018
Sector Loss adjustment
Deal type OBO
Headquarters Paris
Turnover (€M) 140
Headcount 1 100 employees
CEO Emmanuel Géli