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  • Safic Alcan is one of the major European players in the distribution of specialty chemicals, particularly for the rubber industry (European leader) and for the coatings and life sciences industries.
  • The company is directly present in the main countries of the E.U., in Turkey and in China.
  • Safic Alcan posted revenues of c.400 M€ in 2014.


International development through both organic and external growth

The company was founded in France in 1847, originally as a trader of natural products. In the late 80’s, Safic Alcan started to develop an expertise in polymers and further expanded its focus to include speciality chemicals used in the coatings, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

A first MBO was conducted in 2004 with DLMD and Alpha funds. In 2005, Safic Alcan sold its natural products division and thus fully specialized on specialty chemicals.

In November 2007, Safic Alcan’s management, led by Martial Lecat, partnered with Parquest Capital, its new majority shareholder, to carry out an ambitious European expansion strategy, combining organic growth and acquisitions. A third of Safic Alcan’s employees invested in the LBO.


During its 7 years association with Parquest Capital, Safic Alcan strongly expanded, exceeding the initial business plan expectations. During the period, sales grew from 250 M€ up to 400 M€. While consolidating its leadership on synthetic rubber products, the group managed to further diversify its offer by strengthening its positions in coatings, thermoplastics and life sciences. Combining a strong organic growth and many impactful acquisitionsbuild-ups (notably in the UK, Benelux and Turkey), Safic Alcan furtherit established itself as one of the key market consolidators and thus completed its pan-European coverage. At the same time, the group was able to further develop its private label products offer and secure its sourcing thanks to the expansion of its Chinese subsidiary.

In January 2015, Parquest Capital sold Safic Alcan to its management, who took a majority control position, supported by Sagard and Euromezzanine, in order to pursue the development of the group.


Investment date November 2007
Divestment date January 2015
Sector Distribution of specialty chemicals
Deal type MBO
Headquarters Puteaux (92)
Turnover (€M) 400
Headcount 400
CEO Martial Lecat