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    Created in 1993 following the acquisition of one of Sanofi’s industrial pharmaceutical sites (€3M sales at the time), Unither experienced a rapid growth in the pharmaceutical sub-contracting niche market to become a world leader of the unitary sterile dose market (BFS technology) and a world key player of pharmaceutical sub-contracting.

    Pioneer on the segments of the unitary sterile dose, Unither has rapidly diversified its offer, especially through organic and external growth with new galenic forms (liquid sticks pack in particular), a client oriented galenic R&D activity and an international development of sales and production capacities.

    With a 2016 turnover of more than €250M, 6 production sites (of which one in the US and one in Brazil) and one R&D site in France, Unither is today among the world leaders of the pharmaceutical sub-contracting niche markets where it operates.


In November 2006, Parquest Capital acquired Unither as a majority shareholder with the objective to support the management team in carrying out an ambitious development plan in France and Europe.

Over the 2006-2011 period, Unither strengthened its European leadership in the unitary sterile dose market (BFS) all the while developing in new market segments (e.g. liquid stick pack) thanks to its R&D proficiency. Parquest Capital supported the group’s development strategy with the necessary financial and growth resources in particular with the extension of the Amiens production site and the acquisition of the Sanofi site located in Colomiers.
During this period, the group’s turnover increased from €75M to €160M.

At the end of 2011, Equistone Private Equity became the group's new majority shareholder following a decision taken jointly with the management team to enlarge the funding, next to Parquest Capital (remaining a significant shareholder) and the management team, to a new investor with a wider capital base in order to support Unither's ambitious growth plan and to make the group the world leader in its markets. Over the 2011-2017 period, Unither has pursued its international development in particular with the acquisition of a US production site in October 2013, a plant in Brazil in December 2015 and the set-up of an office in China mid-2016.
During this period, the group's turnover has grown from €160M to €250M.

Early 2017, the management organized a new funding led by Ardian in which Parquest Capital renewed its participation. Relying on this new funding, the management team will continue its development by consolidating its leading positions with an international focus.


  • August 2020 - Unither's acquisition in China
  • March 2017 - Parquest Capital renews its support to Unither group
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  • January 2016 - Build-up – Unither Pharmaceuticals acquires a brazilian manufacturer
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  • October 2013 - Build-up – Unither Pharmaceuticals acquires a US plant
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  • June 2013 - Build-up – Unither Pharmaceuticals will acquire a US plant
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  • October 2011 - New partnership with Unither Pharmaceuticals
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  • January 2009 - Unither Pharmaceuticals acquires Sanofi-Aventis’ production site in Colomiers, Haute-Garonne
Investment date 2006, 2011, 2017
Divestment date -
Sector Pharma DCMO
Deal type MBO
Headquarters Amiens (80)
Turnover (€M) 300
Headcount 1300
CEO Eric Goupil