Investing and
getting invested

in entrepreneurial
adventures to make
them prosper

Specialists in the mid-market segment, with a strong multi-sector experience, we make the demanding choice to invest less but always better by putting projects first to enable them to thrive.

values make value.

A committed team

At Parquest, there is no investment without human investment. Each and every conversation is embodied, alive, specific.

What our partners say about us :

« We have found Parquest to be a real support in the implementation of our roadmap thanks to a highly available team who was involved at our side to see our projects through. Parquest perfectly understood our uniqueness and fully supported us while respecting our values. »

Catherine Miffre, 5 Santé

« We were very quickly convinced by Parquest's ability to dialog with, support and challenge us, thereby fostering a decision-making process where strategic decisions are taken jointly and confidently. »

Yannick Gueho, Sopral

« The Parquest team was able to provide us with support and expertise whenever necessary in a constructive and efficient manner. Parquest's actions have contributed to unleash our ambition while helping our teams grow. »

Eric Lacombe, Accès Industrie

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