02 / 2020

Parquest sells 5 Santé to Korian

Press Release

Parquest Capital announces the sale of its majority stake in 5 Santé, a major French player in post‐acute care private clinics specialized in the rehabilitation of chronic patients, to Korian, the leading European group dedicated to old age and vulnerability. The management team also sells its equity stake while remaining involved within Korian for the further development of 5 Santé activities.

5 Santé was created mid‐2015 with the takeover of a four‐clinics group specialized in the rehabilitation of chronic patients (mainly respiratory diseases) by the management team in place alongside Parquest Capital. The 4 historical clinics located in Occitanie totaled 300 beds and achieved a turnover of €27 million.

Relying on its renown historical expertise and on the human and financial resources provided by Parquest Capital, the management team led by Catherine Miffre has been able to accelerate the development of the group over the past 5 years and to position it as a major player of the French post‐acute care private clinics market, specializing in the rehabilitation of chronic patients (pneumology, cardiology, neurology,addiction…). Over the period, 5 Santé capitalized on the know‐how of its teams to develop its core historical activity but also to acquire and integrate two clinics in Auvergne‐Rhône‐Alpes and to work on the development of new ways to support chronic patients.

The group currently operates six specialized clinics in the Auvergne‐Rhône‐Alpes and Occitanie regions, representing nearly 500 beds and 100 places, and generating a turnover of €44 million.

Catherine Miffre, CEO of 5 Santé, states:
“The entry of 5 Santé into the Korian group will allow us to further assert our expertise in the rehabilitation of chronic diseases, to extend the innovative framework of the concept developed by our researchers to apply it on all chronic pathologies and to accelerate its transposition in a logic of journey to improve the quality of life of chronic patients.”

Denis Le Chevallier, partner at Parquest Capital, adds:
“We are highly impressed by the development of 5 Santé since its creation in May 2015. We are convinced that this rapprochement with the Korian group will allow Catherine Miffre and her team to further accelerate this development in the years to come.”