10 / 2019

Parquest acquires ADIT group

Press Release

Parquest alongside Bpifrance and Amundi Private Equity Funds (PEF) acquires ADIT from Weinberg Capital Partners.

Parquest Capital has recently closed the acquisition of ADIT from Weinberg Capital Partners.

Through this operation Parquest Capital becomes the majority shareholder in ADIT with an ambition to provide the management team led by Philippe Caduc with means to implement ADIT’s growth strategy, to strengthen the Group’s leading position and to further enrich its offering to meet customers’ needs.

Parquest will be accompanied by Bpifrance – that remains a reference shareholder – and Amundi Private Equity Funds (PEF) – that is entering ADIT’s capital with a minority stake. The French State will retain its preference share.

With over 25 years of experience based on commitment and trust with its customers, ADIT Group is the European leader in strategic intelligence with an offering built around five major areas of expertise: strategic intelligence, business integrity and compliance, business security, business diplomacy, as well as territorial intelligence and operational deployment.

ADIT’s clients include some of the largest CAC 40 groups, European and non‐European multinational firms, investment banks and investment funds, as well as small and medium‐sized companies anxious to make the right decisions to ensure their success abroad and to reduce the inherent uncertainty that comes with any business growth strategy.