09 / 2021

Carat Capital finalises its first majority OBO alongside Parquest Capital

Press Release

This operation will enable Carat Capital to:

  • make the whole team become shareholders according to a true value-sharing approach,
  • foster external growth,
  • offer a differentiated value proposition to IFAs looking for an ambitious project,
  • while remaining truthful to its entrepreneurs-and-executives-oriented DNA.

Carat Capital’s founding partners Sandrine & Cedric Genet conclude the group’s first majority OBO alongside Parquest Capital.

This operation marks a turning point in Carat Capital’s history and the beginning of a new growth phase for the company. First minority financial shareholder of the firm, Parquest Capital has laid out its ambition to support management team in structuring and developing the group – activating both internal and external growth levers.

Simultaneously, Sandrine and Cedric Genet wished to make the whole team become shareholders, with a view to sharing value with each and every employee of the firm.

Created in 2006 by Sandrine and Cedric Genet, Carat Capital operates as an independent financial advisor (IFA) specialized in entrepreneurs. To address this demanding customer base, the group opted for a high-end positioning and deploys a differentiated offering based on a technical approach and a high level of advice.

Carat Capital, which has now reached critical size, aims at further speeding up its development. To that end, Carat Capital will rely on a virtuous and proven business model on one side and on an ambitious external growth strategy on the other. The company demonstrated its know-how in this area through two acquisitions (one in 2017 and one in 2019). Building on these experiences and with the support of Parquest, Carat Capital intends to scale-up its external growth strategy – towards more sizeable acquisitions, in a deep market offering multiple consolidation opportunities.

“With this operation, Carat Capital intends to offer independent financial advisors willing to embark on an ambitious project a differentiating approach with a strong advice-and-support-oriented DNA and a focus on entrepreneurs and executives.”Sandrine Genet, Founding Partner, Carat Capital.

“Over the last years, we reviewed quite a few investment opportunities in the wealth management industry – of which we like the development and consolidation potential. We found in Sandrine and Cedric Genet true entrepreneurs, ambitious and agile, with a sharp and modern vision of where the profession is headed and a shared DNA with that of Parquest. All those strengths and assets did convince us that Carat is perfectly positioned to seize the many opportunities offered by the market. We are truly delighted with this partnership which promises to create value.Pierre Decre, Partner, Parquest.