06 / 2023

Radiologists from the CRP, Imacam and I-Series groups are joining forces to create Imaneo, a leading group of independent radiologists in Occitanie

Press Release

Radiologists from the CRP, Imacam and I-Series groups are joining forces to create Imaneo, a leading group of independent radiologists in Occitanie.

Press release
Montpellier, 13 June, 2023

Radiologists from the CRP, Imacam and I-Seris groups have decided to partner around a common project by creating Imaneo, a group of independent radiologists in Occitanie.

Based in Hérault and Gard, Imaneo brings together nearly seventy radiologists, all shareholders of the group. To support this project and enable ambitious long-term development, they have partnered with the French investment fund Parquest, which benefits from a long experience in supporting the development of companies in healthcare services. In addition to the existing teams and Parquest, they have also recruited a seasoned management team that will support radiologists in the operational implementation of their project.

Thus, Imaneo radiologists intend to pursue and accelerate the development of their practices with the following objectives:

  • Ensure the development of an offer of medical excellence built around diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology guaranteeing patients a coordinated and high-quality healthcare journey within the region’s healthcare network
  • Benefit from the strength of a group and the expertise of a dedicated management team to address professional challenges (investments, recruitment and retention)
  • Lead an active strategy of development and innovation for the benefit of patients and the whole ecosystem (partnerships with CPTS and the Hospital, teleradiology, AI, screening, etc.)
  • Strengthen the support provided to their employees particularly through training around innovation and good medical practices.Imaneo’s radiologists intend to expand the association to new radiologists or groups of radiologists interested in actively participating in the development of radiology services in their territories. These new members will join as associated radiologists, preserving the autonomy and independence of their practices over time.Imaneo has already welcomed eight new radiologists in early 2023 and plans to welcome five more by the end of the year.

Jérôme Bénis, radiologist and President of Imaneo, stated: “This association is an answer to the evolving radiology profession and its new challenges, which require advanced equipment and significant investments. While the sanitary crisis has shed light on the importance of high-quality and local medicine, we are thrilled to partner with Parquest, which brings its economic and managerial expertise as well as the necessary funds and human resources to achieve our ambitions”.

Arthur Brézac, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Imaneo, added: “Radiology in France is at a turning point, facing both organizational and demographic challenges. The Imaneo project, as it was conceived, paves the way for the radiology of tomorrow: care for patients as close as possible to their places of residence while offering innovative and high-quality medical care, allowing radiologists to focus on the development of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology. The medical independence of the radiologists will be the leading force of this adventure”.

Laurence Bouttier, Associate Director at Parquest, asserted: “We are convinced by the quality of Imaneo’s medical offering and by the radiologists’ project, that makes Imaneo a unifying force in this sector under consolidation. This project perfectly aligns with our expertise in supporting the structuring of a group and providing the means to accelerate its development independently in the long run. What a promising alliance for the success of this project led by talented doctors.”