01 / 2022

PanneauPocket joins JVS Group

Press Release

PanneauPocket joins the JVS Group

Since 1983, JVS Group has been placing its expertise at the service of local authorities, providing them with an extensive range of digital solutions. The common goal of the people and subsidiaries of JVS Group has forever been to simplify digital use cases for all organisations through innovative solutions. It is with this purpose in mind that we are delighted to welcome PanneauPocket within the group.

What is PanneauPocket?

Thanks to a team of 7, the PanneauPocket solution has succeeded in becoming the number one player on the French market of mobile applications targeted to citizens. The company thus records over 7,500 user entities. They have made it their purpose from the very beginning to help local authorities enter the era of smartphones and digital mobility. One of the company’s core values is to make it easier for citizens to access information from local bodies in order for them to better anticipate and organise themselves on a daily basis.

PanneauPocket, the number one citizen application

Driven by the values of pragmatism and service spirit, PanneauPocket is a reliable, simple and cost-effective solution for real-time communication. The team works hand in hand with its clients – town halls, EPCIs (Public Establishment for Intercommunal Co-operation) and police stations – to help them broadcast their information in the most accessible way for all inhabitants, that is from workers to retirees, from the youngest to the oldest, from the closest to the farthest.

The application makes local life easier and more peaceful for citizens”.

At JVS Group, we are excited to be able to combine PanneauPocket expertise with our subsidiaries’ and subsequently be able to offer an ever more complete and broad range of solutions for local authorities and their citizens.