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  • Aserti Group is one of the European leaders of repair and maintenance services for manufacturing processes.
  • Located in Vannes, Aserti Group is mainly present in France, Germany, and Switzerland, thanks to a network of 27 service centers.
  • Through the core company (Aserti Electronic) and specialized subsidiaries, the group provides a large scope of complementary expertises. Aserti teams operate in every industrial sector, on all kinds of electronic devices, measuring devices, servomotors, computer numerical control machine tools, screw-cutting machine tools, and motor spindles.


In September 2017, Parquest Capital took a majority stake in Aserti Group, together with the management, led by the founder and president of the group, Jean-Louis Gaertner.

The project consists in further growing the group across two dimensions:

  • The acquisition of new expertises in value-added segments of industrial maintenance, to roll them out through the whole network and thereby complete the offer to the 8,000 clients of the group,
  • The expansion of the network in Europe, notably in Germany, through the organic opening of new service centers and acquisitions.


  • October 2017 - Parquest Capital acquires Aserti Group
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Investment date September 2017
Divestment date -
Sector Industry services
Deal type LBO
Headquarters Vannes
Turnover (€M) 40
Headcount 270 employees
CEO Jean-Louis Gaertner