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With over 25 years of experience based on commitment and trust with its customers, ADIT Group, the European leader in strategic intelligence, has at the heart of its mission the elimination of risk for international projects and the reduction of the inherent uncertainty that comes with any business growth strategy.

ADIT has developed its activity around 5 major areas of expertise :

  • Business Integrity and compliance: minimizing risks related to third parties as well as the application of applicable laws, international regulations and good practices,
  • Business security: protecting businesses and eliminating risks likely to compromise business growth, deteriorate the corporate image, tarnish the reputation of its management, and jeopardize the safety of its personnel or strategic assets (e.g. cyber security, data protection and business secrecy),
  • Business diplomacy: providing operational support in order to secure the safe international development of companies,
  • Territorial Intelligence & Operational Deployment: detecting the medium and long-term development opportunities (e.g., investment projects, key technologies, business opportunities), anticipating risks (e.g. competitive environment, market research, economic changes, due diligence, compliance, business ethics, etc.).

Characterized by values of ethics, reliability and confidentiality, ADIT Group mobilizes more than 200 analysts as well as an international network of 1,000 experts and correspondents to provide its clients with high value-added information.

ADIT’s clients include some of the largest CAC 40 groups, European and non-European multinational firms, investment banks, investment funds and public authorities, as well as competitiveness clusters and small and medium-sized companies anxious to make the right decisions to ensure their success abroad.


Parquest’s decision to invest in ADIT is mainly based upon the following considerations :

  • A fast-growing, resilient and fragmented market with strong growth potential (especially vs. more mature Anglo-Saxon countries) and offering consolidation opportunities,
  • A robust position as an incumbent and the reference French player offering strong expertise and an extensive portfolio of services,
  • A well-seasoned and highly motivated management team with a remarkable track record who developed the business (both organically and through acquisitions) and consistently outperformed its business plans.

Through this operation Parquest Capital becomes the majority shareholder in ADIT with an ambition to provide the management team led by Philippe Caduc with means to implement ADIT’s growth strategy, to strengthen the Group’s leading position and to further enrich its offering to meet customers’ needs.


  • October 2019 - Parquest Capital acquires ADIT group
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Investment date October 2019
Divestment date -
Sector BtoB services (strategic and business intelligence)
Deal type MBO
Headquarters Paris
Turnover (€M) 71