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Investment – Divestment

2021 – …


  • Advens is a specialised cybersecurity player offering a comprehensive offering combining high value-added services and an innovative Security-as-a-Service model. 
  • Parquest invested in Advens’ capital in a minority MBO alongside Capza, with the founder and his team, who remain the majority shareholders. 
  • Advens’ ambition is to become a leader in cybersecurity and the first provider of Security-as-a-Service in Europe, capitalizing on the strong loyalty of its teams and customers.
  • The management and shareholders have chosen to place social impact at the heart of Advens’ business model by distributing at exit up to 40% of the company’s financial value to an endowment fund dedicated to supporting initiatives with social impact.
B to B Services

The dedicated team

Camille Coutelet


Adrien David

Investment Manager

Pierre Decré


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09 / 2021
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Parquest joins Capza as Advens minority shareholders alongside its founder and the management team