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Founded in 1957, Sopral is engaged in the formulation, production and distribution across 50 countries of innovative nutritional solutions for dogs and cats (premium dry) and horses commercialized under several brands :

  • Dogs and cats: Pro-nutrition, Flatazor, Purelife, Crousti,
  • Horses: Dynavena (and Spillers for France only).

Sopral is also involved in the co-development and production of high value-added nutritional solutions on behalf of third parties through premium contract manufacturing.


In November 2018 Parquest Capital acquired a majority stake in Sopral (owned by Avril Group) alongside its management team through a LBO.

The strategic plan is twofold :

  • Acceleration of the development of Sopral’s brands in France and overseas leveraging a recently renewed dogs and cats product offer perfectly in line with current market trends and innovations,
  • Industrial performance improvement through a major investment program (14M€ over three years) aiming to increase production capacity and accompany Sopral product premiumization.


  • November 2018 - Parquest Capital completes the acquisition of Sopral through a new LBO
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Investment date November 2018
Divestment date -
Sector Retail / Consumer goods
Deal type MBO / Carve-out
Headquarters Pont-Réan
Turnover (€M) 42
Headcount 110 employees
CEO Yannick Guého